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Originating in 2016, Cultivate Agri Partnerships is a Queensland-based, boutique investment manager, specialising in Australian agriculture. Bringing patient, private capital, and deep industry expertise Cultivate supports highly-skilled, passionate Australian farming businesses.

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Cultivate Agri Partnerships
December 2018

We have been fortunate to work with Cultivate since business inception developing its company name, brand, marketing and communications strategy and implementation.

As the investment world heads towards a tipping point with new standards on what constitutes a good company and investment, the brand needed optimisation for both social and business value. Cultivate was up to the challenge of integrating social and sustainable governance into its brand essence.

With a time-poor CEO that values collaboration, Ellery Studios had the task of driving the marketing and investor relations efforts; cost-effectively and autonomously. We were able to achieve this by effective planning, being amenable toward the CEO’s movements and requirements and workshopping deliverables while en route to farms or babysitting children at home.

A detailed understanding of the business enabled us to produce meaningful and accurate communications, investment offering documentation, and theses. Trusting that all marketing and fundraising projects were effectively managed, the CEO had time to focus on other business priorities.

Differentiating itself from larger investment institutions, Cultivate’s brand is personable and speaks to the socially conscious demographic. The brand targets the investor that appreciates a strong work ethic and wants to feel good about putting their money towards a stable offering and an Australian industry comprised mostly of family corporates.

Working alongside the CEO and being able to immerse ourselves in the investment and Australian beef industry allowed us to produce compelling deliverables. We have developed four key works streams – brand development, investor communication, photography and videography, sub-brand strategy.

The logo and supporting creative was designed based on an intentional bull breed and Queensland’s regional context. To add a personal flavour to the personality, we continue to conduct a photoshoot a month and only use marketing images of the business’ farms, team, family members and cattle. To further communicate the business’ values, we developed a tagline of ‘Lasting partnerships, collaborative operations’ and key messaging across all collateral ‘Improving the economic viability of Australia’s norther beef industry with the future of our families in mind.’

With most of Queensland’s farmland in drought, cattle feed was driving high operational costs. Knowing this, we originated a partnership with local Brisbane organic fermentation manufacturer, Kehoe’s Kitchen to offload its food waste for Cultivate to use as cattle feed. This arrangement provided a weekly saving of several hundred dollars while helping another local business reduce its waste footprint.

We have also influenced a shift in Cultivate’s business strategy to lean towards a more regenerative operation with water infrastructure and pasture improvements being key focus areas. We were able to introduce the CEO to one of our other clients who is a thought leader in water and land use, sharing useful insights towards land management strategies and carbon offsets of current and future assets.

We have enjoyed working in the agricultural and investment sectors, helping to build the Cultivate brand and business. It pleases us to be involved as it continues to grow, securing a robust number of investors and land and cattle assets. All stakeholders continue to be adequately informed by effective investor communications while new prospects see a trustworthy, socially conscious business with a strong investment offering.

Services included: Marketing strategy / Marketing planning / Marketing management / Investor communications (unitholder communications) / Communications strategy / Stakeholder management / Graphic design / Logo design / Photography / Copywriting / Content development / Website design / Website development / Videography / Website management

Ellery Studios specialises in creating brands from dust (literally!). Our full service approach involves research, strategy, brand development, corporate communications, tender management and website development. If you have a project that needs some support, please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

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