Establishing brand credibility in a highly critical market

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Cultivate Agri Partnerships is looking to establish a high performing bull breeding brand in the highly competitive Australian Beef industry, targeting northern producers.

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Tropical Taurus
January 2020

Ellery was approached to help establish a high performing bull breeding brand in the highly competitive Australian Beef industry, targeting northern producers.

Although the brand has the genetics to make a high-quality product, the bull seedstock marketplace is (rightfully so) highly critical with only longstanding cattle operators having the trust of the marketplace.  

The cost to transition and risk for customers to switch to a new producer can bring risk in an already challenging market due to drought conditions – here lies Tropical Taurus’ opportunity as the hybrid vigour offered is genetically designed to support cattle producers that operate in harsh terrain.

Tropical Taurus needed a brand and website that evoked credibility without the marketing fluff. A brand that speaks to the cattle farmer in the right tone while also communicating its innovative attributes like genomics program and regenerative agriculture.

In creating the dynamic and responsive Tropical Taurus website, we created a video and image library after a series of on-farm photoshoots.

We chose a blue-based colour palette for the brand and website as a subliminal method of building trust, while aesthetically striking a memorable contrast between the red earthy tones of cattle photography  incorporated across the brand’s materiality.

In order to better understand the target demographic, we attended and helped cattle mustering and tagging days to appreciate local context and the job of a cattle operator.

This body of work is the start of a series of content marketing initiatives planned for Tropical Taurus. We are excited to be involved and look forward to helping grow the brand and achieve successful sales results and build a brand northern cattle producers will value and trust.

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