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President of Catalyst Environmental Solutions (Catalyst), Daniel Tormey describes the consultancy as providers of ‘innovative solutions for a complex world’. Let's just say this brand reference project has been a lot of fun.

Live Project
Catalyst Environmental Solutions
May 2020

In a world of emerging complexities, new technologies and empowered populations, the environmental consulting industry, particularly in North America, is experiencing change at an accelerated rate. 

Catalyst approached Ellery as having previously worked together for another global engineering firm, to help build a stronger, future-facing version of itself.

For the last five years, Catalyst has been ‘bringers-of–fact,’ narrowing the gap between polarising environmental issues for mutual agreeable solutions. The business has worked on some of the most interesting and complex projects we have ever heard of. What excited Ellery at this point, was that not too many other people in the market had known just how remarkable the business was. 

We started the journey into conveying the company’s past and potential to the market. And we are honoured to partner with Catalyst to continually meet this challenge.

The Catalyst Environmental Solutions team had already defined its logo and culturally it is kept in high regard. It was our job to bring it to life aligning with communicating to the market, just what the business can offer. 

The logo has its roots in sun, land and water, all the elements that comprise our environment. We created a visual identity system that draws from the geometric sky element, integrated across their report, resume, marketing collateral and digital assets. 

Since people, projects and perspectives are the key components of any professional services brand, we made it our focus for Catalyst's website redevelopment. By incorporating a web of dynamic content across these three elements on each page, we were able to effectively articulate expertise and capabilities across the business' key sectors - signifying technical depth at every turn.

Working closely with the company President, Daniel Tormey, our content and creative response aspires to leave Catalyst Environmental Solutions well-prepared to meet the opportunities of tomorrow, while still remaining connected to their remarkable past, projects and experiences.

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